New Moon Women’s Gathering Scholarship

What a beautiful community we have created under the dark of the new moon this past year!

When it was announced this past month that the New Moon Women’s Gatherings would start having a fee it was with grace and love that the women present asked if we could start a scholarship fund for those women who may not have the money to pay the whole fee.

So whether someone can only pay some or cannot pay any of the fee the financial support is there. And what a beautiful metaphor for the energetic support that this gathering contributes to our community. It is a reminder to me that money is nothing more than another form of energy, just as love is energy, and both are shared by this great kindness.

If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund please use the button below.

Donate Button

If you would like to receive some of this scholarship money to attend one of the New Moon Women’s Gatherings please contact Heather Sheppard at or 808-782-5406 or fill out the form below.