***Update! No Market Saturday! 


***Update! No market today, Saturday 3/25/17!

I am on the upswing, but I know deep down that I do not have the energy to go to market today. It takes a lot in this fast paced, goal oriented, business first world to listen to and to honor that voice that resides deep down inside of each of us telling us when to say no. I know that for me this has been a long struggle, and I am working diligently to get more in touch with this voice. Sometimes I hear it loudest when I am physically unwell…

So, as I humbly say no to the market, I also want to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to any of you in need of herbal remedies and love. I want you all to know that I always have products available at the Apothecary. Just call or text me at 808-782-5406, and we can coordinate your visit to get what you need.

I will be at market next in April: Wednesday 4/5/17 — Friday 4/7/17 — Saturday 4/8/17 which I will announce more thoroughly at the beginning of the month.

Thank you all for understanding, and may this validate your own need to listen deeply to that voice that knows what is best for us in every situation, and may you have the strength to follow that voice.


Hello everyone! Hope you are all enjoying these first few days of Spring!

I wanted to update y’all on this week’s markets. I will not be at Wednesday’s or Friday’s markets, as I have been feeling a bit under the weather. I am hoping that all my herbal allies will help me nip this feeling quickly in the bud, so that I can make it to the Saturday market! Keep your eye here on the blog or check our Facebook Page to see when we will be at Market this week.

If you have ever wondered what an herbalist takes when she is feeling under the weather, I can tell you that I have been taking my Cold and Flu Tincture which is immune supporting and antibacterial and antiviral with Echinacea and Goldenseal Root! I’ve also been taking Elderberry Syrup to support my immunity and give my throat a nice soothing coat. Finally, I drink LOTS of herbal tea. Mostly I’ve been drinking my Immuni-tea Blend with an added bit of Goldenseal Root Powder every pot or so. I get lots of rest, fresh air and tend to burn sage to kill germs that reside in the house.

I’d love to hear what some of you do when you are under the weather, so comment below!

Hope you all stay happy and healthy!