Initial Consultation — $100

During your initial consultation, plan to spend about two hours. During this consultation we will go over your current state of physical and emotional wellbeing, dietary and lifestyle habits, family medical history, and any specific matters you would like to address. We will then discuss options and create a wellness plan that will assist you in achieving a more complete state of health and wellbeing.

Follow-up Visits — $50 an hour

Follow-up visits will vary in both length and frequency depending on the situation being addressed and level of imbalance that is being dealt with. During these visits we will go over your wellness plan and make changes as necessary to account for what may or may not have worked. These visits should help you feel more in control of your health and support the relationship that you are building as the sole authority of your health and wellbeing. The ultimate goal is for you to become confident as a self healer, as healing can only come from within.