The Acceptance of Imperfection

This summer has been a deep time of healing, resting, transforming and integrating for me. So much has been shifting and changing! I’ve made so much room within myself for growth and expansion both personally and professionally, and I am incredibly proud of the work that I have done to get where I am.

And yet, there has been so much that has been neglected, as I shifted my focus to do this work. For instance this blog, my newsletter, my appearance at markets, and the Boo Radley garden I’ve allowed to go wild this summer.

Nevertheless, I have found so much satisfaction in my ability to let these things that are so important to me go wild and be put aside. My ability to honor the cycles of attention that are essential for my growth have been beautifully mirrored to me through the neglect of my garden.

These natural cycles of what we give our attention to are so often discarded in hopes of attaining perfection or at least a false cultivation of perfection through social media and only showing people our best sides. We often spread ourselves too thin trying to be everything to everyone and keep up the appearance of perfection. And yet, what actually suffers is our own health, wellbeing, and vitality– the things that deeply connect us to our inner soul voice and our wildness.

Therefore, I proudly share with you my wild, imperfect  garden, the reflection of my wild, imperfect self, full of native weeds, grasses, random volunteer plants and the immense amount of wildlife and insects that called this terrain home for the summer. I am pretty certain the fairies and nature spirits were also happy to call this wild place home.

I share this with the hope that you too will find room to neglect something seemingly important to you, and allow it to go wild, as you do the work you need to take care of yourself, or allow yourself to rest, or if for no other reason than to release a wee bit of that imaginary control that we impose on the chaotic, wild, ride we call life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the healing powers this summer has brought about! Have you been making room for things to go a bit wild? Have you been making space and clearing old patterns and blocks in order to make room for new growth?  Has this summer gifted you with tenacious amounts of healing and transformation? Just comment below to share your thoughts with me. 

I'd love to hear a peep out of you:

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