The Manifest Nest Herbal Apothecary 

Heather Sheppard, Herbalist

At The Manifest Nest Herbal Apothecary we aim to provide you with the highest level of support and insight on your wellness journey. We believe that healing can only come from within. Therefore, we focus on guiding our clients on this very personal path to healing. We do this by identifying imbalances within your body, mind and spirit and together, with you, find a holistic approach to health and wellness that will work for you and your specific needs.

Each client’s path is significantly different, and yet, the modalities for healing are often very similar. At the Manifest Nest Herbal Apothecary we aim to support your health and wellbeing through herbal supplementation, aromatherapy, and any lifestyle changes that will nourish you and lead to a state of wellness and wholeness.

You will be working to build a relationship with your health, through insights into your body, mind and spirit. Heather Sheppard, our resident herbalist, will be there to guide you along that path. Heather has been building her relationship with herbs and using them to heal herself, family and friends for most of her adult life. She is an avid gardener, with a focus on growing medicinal plants. She believes that growing medicinal plants creates a deeper understanding of herself and nature and allows her to connect with their healing properties on a deeper level. In the last year she has branched out her studies to work under and with other herbalists in her community and her knowledge base has grown exponentially. She believes that learning is a two way street, and she looks forward to both guiding and being guided with you on this beautiful journey of mutual self healing.